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About Us

Our Mission

Family Forever Tampa Bay is a non-profit organization led by passionate volunteers caring for foster, adopted and kinship children of Tampa Bay.

Our Vision

We exist to better the lives of abused, abandoned, and neglected children in Tampa Bay.


Our Story

The long journey of navigating the dependency child welfare system left us knowing that we had to help other families going through the same struggles we faced. Our founder's adoption process for her nephews took about five years with the added struggle of discovering their life long medical conditions. Because of this, our founder has dedicated her life to helping families through the court system and preparation for adoptions, and we strongly support the adoption process to encourage permanency for these children.

On the day our founder adopted her nephews, the judge asked the children what family meant to them. They answered that their mom once told them that “family is forever” and that became our organization's name. Family Forever is a platform to share awareness about the importance of kinship/relative caregiver placements and educate people on the different processes between foster, adopted, and kinship families.

Our annual backpack and school supply giveaway was inspired by our vision to ensure that every child (no matter where they came from or the circumstance they were put in) deserves to return back to school prepared and confident. This vision carries over to our Christmas distribution. We want every child to feel special and loved particularly during the holiday season.


Thanks to our generous donators, we are able to collect gifts for the neglected youth of our Tampa Bay community. Our teens are so proud to be helping feed the homeless and their pets, assisting with the backpack giveaway, as well as sorting and packing Christmas gifts for distribution. Our team is made up of caring, passionate volunteers that have the life experiences of raising their own foster, adoptive and kinship children in their homes. We are so proud of the kids that have overcome their trials and tribulations and have learned that paying it forward means so much. 

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